The Red River Chapter

Comprised of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Louisiana, the Red River Region is one of the fastest growing areas for Aston Martin ownership. With established dealers in Austin, Dallas, Houston and Tulsa, the local Aston Martin community is expanding daily. We are an active group of Aston Martin enthusiasts who gather several times a year for major events. Our largest annual gathering is the Texas All British Car Days which takes place every September, and we always have a full weekend of events where members come from all across Texas. We do many drives each year, and often we team up with other British car marquees such as Bentley and Lotus owners.
The club's Forum and Events Calendar are accessible only to dues-paying AMOC members who are currently on our roster. If you are a new AMOC member, be sure to contact us so that you will be given access to our forums.

USA - Section West

Our area is part of the AMOC's Section West USA, which is headquartered in California. Each year, Section West holds a number of events including: road rallies, race days, club dinners, and the annual club meeting at Laguna Seca during Pebble Beach Concours week. All AMOC members residing in Texas are welcome and encouraged to attend Section West activities wherever they may be.

The International AMOC

The AMOC is one of the world's oldest one-make car clubs, Its international membership, historical artifact & records collection and extremely high quality events make it a leader in the field. It was the late Mortimer Morris-Goodall, who started it all 75+ years ago. His reverence for “Bert Bertelli and his Astons” prompted the thought that almost everyone else who had the good fortune or sense to own an Aston felt the same and “how nice it would be to meet some of these people. S.C.H. (‘Sammy’) Davis agreed that an Aston Martin Owners Club was needed and inserted notes in The Autocar magazine (of which he was Sports Editor) on the 3rd and 17th of May, 1935, calling a meeting. The 30 or so people who turned up on May 25th, 1935 elected a committee of management which formed the core of the original club.
Our Memorandum of Association provides that the Club is established to: “promote the sport and pastime of motoring’’, “develop interest in the ASTON MARTIN CAR’’ and “encourage social intercourse between Members’’.
The Club, in the UK, puts on some five race meetings a year, at least one hillclimb and three sprints. Worldwide, the Club is represented on most continents, with thriving sections in Germany, Holland, Switzerland and the USA. Other countries have a smaller representation which are no less enthusiastic. These groups also entertain their fellow local Members and visiting guest Members with various events.