About Us

The Aston Martin Owners Club is a worldwide organization based in the UK, and it is divided up into many Sections around the world. Here in the US there are two Sections: AMOC Section West which handles all the members from California to Arkansas, and Section East which handles everyone east of the Mississippi. The Red River Region is a chapter of Section West, and primarily includes members in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana.

Our AMOC Region is one of the largest in the US with over 60 members plus spouses, and we are arguably the most active of all of the AMOC Regions because we have many events all year round. Most of our events are club day-drives, but we also have dinners, road trips, and weekend retreats. You'll never meet a more laid back and fun group of people! This isn't like your typical car club of motorheads - we love our Astons, but we also love fine dining, good conversation, and all things 007.

To Join the Red River Region, you must sign up with Section West by using the enrollment form here.