Membership Application


If you live anywhere west of the Mississippi River then your Aston Martin Owners Club region is AMOC Section West, and below is the membership application. There is currently no online registration for Section West, so you'll need to print out the registration form and mail it in to the Section West HQ in California. It is critical that you DO NOT sign up on the main UK site or with Section East. We will never know you exist if you sign up with anyone other than Section West.

When you send in your registration form to California it may be months before they let us know that you joined. So, to expedite things please contact us directly to let us know that you joined. That way we can immediately add you to the club email lists and keep you in the loop about upcoming events.




Becoming a new member is $300, but annual renewal is $151, and that includes a subscription to the club magazines. If you sign up mid-year, the remainder of that year is included in your membership. So, if you sign up in July you get the rest of that year plus the following year.